Added stanozolol to my test e cycle and last strength

  1. Added stanozolol to my test e cycle and last strength

    I am now at the end of my 6th week of a cycle of 500mg test e. Since week 5 I have been taking four 5mg Stanozolol tabs per day and was going to run this till the end of my cycle. Have been to the gym today and was shocked when I got on the bench press and found that my strength had reduced quite alot. Last friday was benching 110kg for 8 reps easy, today I struggled for 5. I think I may have lost a little weight since starting the Stanozol and have had a few nights of disrupted sleep. The only other thing I have changed is I was benching twice a week and have now reduced it to only one as i feared i was overtraining. Can anyone shed any light on the situation, am a little confused?? ould it be to do with the stanozol?

  2. you should be using test e. more then 6 weeks and you are only doing 20mg of stanozol then is a real low dose 50mg min.

  3. I am still on the test E, running it for 10 weeks. Taking the stanozol with it. Cheers for the reply

  4. Sorry misunderstood you.Yea that is a lot better then 6 weeks,i would up the stanozol you most likely lost some water weight,the stanozol will dry you up.I never lost any strength with winny.When i first started taking it i had a little disruption in with my sleep.It went away.If you are taking it later in the day that might be it,maybe take it earlier in the day.I dunno.Maybe someone else knows more that can chime in and give you a better answer.Good luck with the cycle.

  5. Thanks for the response, will keep updating on how strength goes. Might have just been a bad day, with lack of sleep etc. Hopefully thats it!

  6. It was probably just a bad day at the gym, it happens to everyone besides it was only -3 reps. Which isnt much to worry about in my opinion , just make sure next week you get your sleep, and grub on.

  7. Today my chest and tri's are sore which makes me think it could be the shock of having a full seven days since last training chest. Maybe bit of a shock to the system. What are your opinions on traininga muscle group twice a week while on a cycle? Is this overtraining would you say?


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