HOMEBREW 4OHandrostendione

  1. HOMEBREW 4OHandrostendione

    i came across some reactions while looking for 4AD to test and 4OHandrostenedione from androstendione looks possible at home. its a little more complicated than 4AD to test, but still relatively easy. i'm not sure whether it is economical, but it cost 4-5 times what 4AD does so it may be worthwhile, may not, we'll see.

    cheers, pete
    PS i'm also looking for 6oxo reactions, i guess its just 3,6,17-androstenetrione

  2. what is 4OHandrostenedione?

  3. it is an anti-estrogen (aromatase blocker) used during cycle to prevent bloat and fat gain. it has been discussed on this board. it is referred to as formestat or something like that. it is sold under the name Formasin by prototype nutrition and aromazap by syntrax. suggested use is 250mg per day orally. it is simply androsteneDIONE with an OH added at the 4 carbon without disrupting the double bond (just as 6oxo is androstenedione with a ketone group added at the 6 carbon).

    cheers, pete

  4. I guess I'm used to seeing it described as 4hydroxytest

  5. okay here's the reaction:

    STEP 1:
    androstenedione+H2O2(hydrogen peroxide)+OsO4(osmium tetroxide)+t-Butanol=androstane-4,5-diol-3,17-dione

    basically an OH is added to carbons 4&5 while the double bond is broken

    STEP 2:
    product from step 1 +KOH(potassium hydroxide)+H2O(water)+methonol =formasin or aromazap

    the yield is supposed to be ~90%, there is 4.5g in a $24 bottle of the product, so if the chems cost less than $60 its worthwhile, the androstenedione will be $20

    check out www.chemistrystore.com it has some of the chems for cheap, also has some of the transdermal chems for cheap. the chems that they do not have are cheap except for the osmium tetroxide which i don't know about yet.

    other stores:
    www.voigtglobal.com they have OsO4

    cheers, pete



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