1. Anxiety/Prohormones

    I have mild anxiety and I'm currently Taking 20mg of Citalopram, and I'm about to start a cycle of H-drol coming up the middle of this month. I have all my my goodies PCT, cycle assist etc.. Thought i would see if any one else has dealt with anxiety while on cycle and how it affected you???


  2. I didnt see to many results for pro-hormones that didnt cause anxiety just some different opinions...Any other links or opinions?

  3. No, that's correct. People seemed more interested in giving their opinions about whether the anxiety I experienced was real or something i made up. Others were giving me a psychiatric diagnosis ffs... Well brother I can tell you 2 ph's that caused some anxiety for me: Jungle Warfare and P-plex. Jungle warfare supposedly contains a PH, even though it's marketed as a natural test booster. Good luck!

  4. I have taken superdrol, Phera, tren, Havoc, H-drol, and the only one that didnt give me anxiety was Havoc. It was the worst with the "Tren" compound, I think this is just person dependent. If you have anxiety naturally then it will most likely increase while on cycle.

  5. 21p, I mean this in the most sincere way and I'm not trying to come off as a pompous @ss,

    What most of us were trying to explain in the other thread is simply this: people are typically predisposed to certain behavior traits, and steroids (which interrupt hormonal homeostasis) have the ability to amplify these traits or make it worse.

    Just as the myth that steroids give you "roid-rage"...nope. Google the terms "steroids and @sshlole affect". As far as my knowledge goes, a steroid is chemically incapable of inducing an entirely new behavioral trait into your body. You may simply have some pre-existing underlying issues, and the unexpected hormonal imbalance in your body caused from the compounds probably enhanced your emotions, which in-turn enhanced whatever subconscious things you were feeling.

    You have to consider too that things like blood pressure/estrogen levels/etc will impact your behavior/how you feel to a degree, but it's not necessarily giving you a set and specific type of behavior- it might simply just be how you are responding to these changes.

  6. And to make recommendations...Phera is a relatively harsh compound...try more mild ones like Epi, halo, pm25 (theres more)...more mild compounds with have less drastic effects on the body and therefore...less behavioral swings.

  7. well i guess im not the only one that gets like that on ph. the fact my gf left me for some other dude,credit cards jackin my rates,possiable job loss,less income for bills since the gf left,only have one car which was giving me trouble and yea sure add a ph in there for good measure sure made this last few weeks oh so great. Was using m-drol over the summer and this past cycle was trenadrol, tren by far was the worst for me. Hell in the past i had test e,sust 250,eq,d-bol,drol,winny,fina-aka tren, and none of that did much to me mental wise only made pct a little emotional but quickly went away.

  8. I second the havoc notion. I felt great on it. super definitely made me feel anxious though

  9. I understand what you're saying Methyl, and I appreciate your straightforward answer.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by 21p View Post
    I understand what you're saying Methyl, and I appreciate your straightforward answer.
    honestly, most compounds make me feel very "mellow", but thats just the way i respond to most compounds...i usually find that when I'm on cycle I'm so much more serious about lifting than my friends/lifting partners are that we almost sorta drift for a temporary time being...

    in that respect i become less "sociable", but i mean most of them don't give a [email protected] about their cycles and usually take the hardest stuff and essentially piss it away by being entirely unfocused...and it happens that when i turn down drinks at the bar they just take it as me being a pissy recluse, which annoys me further, esp with their logic "i drink all the time on my cycles and im fine" lol

    my point is, i completely understand where you are coming from, and dealing with issues on a cycle definately makes some people more emotional...two compounds that gave me a consistent "up" feeling however, are Epistane and Promagnon 25 (my favorite, it takes a while for gains, but I usually run it at a high dose for 6+ weeks, all gains I make are very solid and strength shoots up for me, plus i just feel generally awesome on this- though plenty others will disagree that its worth taking)

    those might be worth a shot if you havnt already tried them

  11. It's the weirdest thing..or maybe I'm just an exception, but I have GAD and Depression and I feel much less anxiety and depression when I'm on cycle than when I'm off. Especially with p-plex, pro-magnon, and to a lesser extent, epi. The gains weren't great with pro-magnon, but to be honest i felt like I was taking oral test..that's how great I felt emotionally, same with phera. I find that I can become much more emotional with girls though, like I can get on there level and even get teary eyed when I'm trying to get something across to them and they're not hearing it or w/e. Take it for what it's worth, but AAS, at least designer orals, have a paradoxical effect on my anxiety for the most part.


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