Ample time off from previous cycle?

  1. Ample time off from previous cycle?

    This isn't your typical thread asking about proper cycle spacing- so the mundane & obvious replies can be skipped.

    Ran an Mdrol cycle that began on Oct 5 and ended short Oct 24 primarily due to being sick(see my older thread). Been doing follow-up bloodwork, and the system (lipids, cholest, liver values, etc) are normal. I also was not satisfied with the gains, as compared to when I ran OG SD. PCT lasted 2 weeks and 1 day (Serm[Nolva] & AX] Nov 8 was the last day of PCT

    Usually I'll run 1-2 solid cycles at most a year and space things out beyond the typical time on + pct= time off measure, just to ensure complete hormonal-homeostasis & that my androgen receptors are fresh.

    Seeing little yield in this past cycle that was cut pretty short (less than 3 weeks), I'm eager to do a worthwhile cycle. I'm debating starting a different cycle at the end of December, which is about 7 weeks after my last day of PCT and well beyond time on + pct= time off protocol.

    I know by the books this sounds fine, but I would like to know the general input/opinion from experienced users. Do you think androgen receptors will have ample time since my last brief cycle to yield worthwhile gains- or should I just be conservative and wait a few more months.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. go for it man, my only suggestion would be to switch compounds for ur next run. try pplex or "tren" or epi.

  3. Get some grapefruit extract to help freshen up your response to the compounds
    Everything I say is fictional and for entertainment purposes only. Do not ask me for sources. I dont have any.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by nosnmiveins View Post
    go for it man, my only suggestion would be to switch compounds for ur next run. try pplex or "tren" or epi.
    I've got quite a few options right now, its almost too overwhelming haha...aside from the Mdrol I have I also have original AX SD which I havn't ran for years and while this essentially would be running the same thing as Mdrol (questionable), I'm tempted bc my last run years ago was awesome...

    recently found original Promagnon 25 which I thought I might throw in as a base depending what I run...also have OG Super Mass Caps, Epistane, and a small supply of test enth but not nearly enough for a good cycle length...

    I always wanted to try tren, as I seem to strangely be an awesome responder to lean mass/strength builders like Epi/PM25...I'm just weary of the prolactin-induced sides; my Epi run a while back was great but I may run something new like a solo Phera if I can't my hands on more enthate

    I figure the spacing is close, but not that close, especially considering I don't cram cycles this close too often

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