Prohormones plus winny or dbol?

  1. Prohormones plus winny or dbol?

    I dide a search found another post asking this, but dude just got flamed cause it was in the Prohormones section.

    Well my Question is how would some like S1+/T1pro (which use 1-test/4ad) go along with winny as a cycle? Everyone says not to do oral only cycles, and to always use test. My problem is that dbol and winny are getable and I have no way obtaining test right now. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks

  2. This is doable and would probably make a good cycle but if its your first I would run just s1+ to see how you respond to that alone and then save the dbol for second cycles.

  3. thanks for your reply. I'm using S1+ right now and injected some winny a few years back(loved the stuff). So i have a tad bit of experience, but yes i don't plan on doing it for a couple months yet. have a good one

  4. I would just do a fairly high dose 4-ad dermal with either, you can get them customized at Power Nutrition. No need IMO for 1-test when you are doing d-bol or winny in conjunction. Another option is to do a TNE brew from synovex, you can use the thread I posted in here for it

  5. if u can get winny and dbol, why not get some Test....

  6. Thanks for the info on the just using 4-ad jweave23.
    I don't think I would trust myself homebrewing correctly


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