Can you go from bulking to cutting in same cycle?

  1. Can you go from bulking to cutting in same cycle?

    sorry if this sounds stupid but I have been doing 500 mills of cyp for around 4 weeks at first I was using cyp with prop but still not going over 500 mills. Basically my situation is this I feel stronger look bigger have went from around 210 to 225 I have been eating around 4000 to 4500 cals daily, alot of protein. this is when the question starts I just hate the water retention, and im sure I have gained some fat as well, so should I
    1. drop cals below maintenance and use prop at 500 mills weekly because I would hold less water.
    2. use prop with anavar and cut cals.
    3. Just continue for another 8 weeks and then cut after its all done. I just have been holding a ton of water weight. and I was probably around 14-15 percent bodyfat when I started.

    Thanks guys sorry if this is a stupid question.

  2. mg bro, mills = mL and it's sure not 500mL a week

    The problem with your question is it depends on your ultimate goals. How big do you want to be... If you want to be a lot bigger then you'll have to accept the bloat and don't cut yet just keep bulking. If you value the mirror more... yeah you know what to do.

    if part of your question is about the bloat on 500mg cyp ew vs. 500mg prop ew then there's 2 things to consider first the prop will be slightly more test because there's less ester weight, 2nd even though some people say prop gives them less bloat than long esters, it's not a universal thing. For instance i have not noticed much bloat/water weight or weightgain at all from any form of test lol.
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  3. u need to run an AI if u hate the bloat that much, anastrozole is my personal fav.

    Its better not to do two things in one cycle unless its a longer cycle.

    DO NOT cut immediately after PCT ur gonna lose all ur gains.

    Next time do not start cycling above 12% bf if bloat and fat gain is going to be an issue.

    And EAT VERY CLEAN this can help with bloat.

  4. thanks I will do that, I just don't want to lower cals so much that I don't see mass but I don't want to gain alot of extra fat either. I will most likely go to around 3500 cals and eat really clean I started taking nolva tonight.

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