Fina/T/Phera Plex cycle help requested

  1. Fina/T/Phera Plex cycle help requested

    Please review. Look OK?

    My normal 90 min exercise was every other day.
    On cycle should I increase my excercise to 5 or 6 days?
    Should I increase my 3k calories for a lean bulk?

    43 years.
    176lbs 14.1%
    Diet 3k 40-40-20
    Supplements: NO, Creatine, CLA, Krill, Flax, BCAA, Whey, ZMA, Powerfull

    1-8 Fina 75mg ED max
    1-8 Test 68 ED/476mg weekly
    4-8 Phera Plex 10/10/20/20
    1-12 Letro 1mg ED (plus 8 weeks prior to cycle)
    1-12 Cabergoline 0.15mg ED
    1-12 Vitex 500mg ED
    4-8 PP Sustain Alpha 3 day pulses

    Previously started Fina at 150mg ED, and had barely started itching nips, at which point, I immediately stopped and did a 4 week PCT.
    I am going to try again, with Fina at 75mg ED max. Have been doing Cab, Letro and Vitex for 2 months prior to the start of this cycle and plan to continue through PCT.

    Have not bought the Phera Plex yet or liver support , but I am considering CEL P-Plex. I plan on purchasing both within the next few days.

    9-12 Clomid 50mg ED
    9-12 Nolva 20mg ED
    1-12 Letro 1mg ED
    1-12 Cabergoline 0.15mg ED
    9-12 PP Sustain Alpha ED
    9-12 PP EndoAmp ED
    9-12 PP Toco-8 EndoAmp Max


  2. I started today and was hoping someone would comment?

  3. Looks good.. I would def increase to 5 days of workout and 3k should be a about right if your only176 Lbs. as long as your eating clean and have enough protein I dont see why you wouldnt see some impressive gains as long as you have proper training as well. Im not to experienced with the anti gyno stuff letro etc. I have used epistane for the anti- est effect.. whats your thoughts for adding phera in the middle of cycle?.. i would think to use that from the get go. but thats just me. it would prob add to your gyno problem too. Good luck looks like it should be a good 8 weeks

  4. Appreciated your review kmk25.

    Q: whats your thoughts for adding phera in the middle of cycle?
    A: After the previous 150mg Fina itching incident on my last cycle, I think Fina 75mg is good, but wanted to be extremely careful, to ensure no Fina issues, before kicking in the a PH like Phera. Plus, I have some AAS experience, but this is my very first PH experience. I figured 4 weeks would be a good PH trial, and if gyno starts, I could do PCT and still keep some Fina gains.

    I am still undecided on: Sdrol/Phera/other? 4/6 weeks?


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