Friends going to mexico

  1. Friends going to mexico

    I have a friend who is going to mexico and is thinking of sending some small packages back. He is thinkin of putting a couple of vial of Test into one of those padded envolopes and sending back to the US. Is this a good way of doing it or is there a better way. I don't want to see him lose unessecary money becasue he didn't go about it the best way.

    Thanks inadvance

  2. That is nucking futz!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Some american dude mailing some mexican souveniers home to the friends and family!

    i would not mail them to the same address. I would mail one to the little sister, one to momma, one to my best friend and one to my dad. Maybe only one of them will get busted so it is worth the risk in my opinion, this way you dont lose all the gear.. HAHAHAHA

    Nucking futz! hahahaha

  3. Here, we'll test it out. Have your "friend" send me the packages. Then we can see what gets through.

  4. Do it, i sent things back to a military base from mexico...

  5. oh and get me some vicodin, cant get that stuff around here

  6. if he does, make sure it's sent to a mail box set up with fake id.

  7. make sure he overnights it, less likely to get nabbed.

  8. One trick is to put tabs and/or powders in thin, padded envelopes. Place the items in large birthday cards. On the outside of the package write, "Photos Do Not Bend." Smaller, thinner packages will be less likely searched. The downfall is you can only send small amounts each time, and oils will be hard to package.

  9. I know this is sortive an old thread but I just ran across it. I read somewhere that it is perfectly legal if, while in Mexico you simply find a doctor that will write you a prescription (practically any of them will) for your meds akaAAS) and get that script filled in Mexico, you are then completely within the law to transport those back with you to the states. The key is to have the script in hand for your goods.
    Anyone ever hear of this?

  10. I've heard of that for other meds that are controlled substances. I guess it could work for AAS's also, at leat Test Cyp. I think one catch is, it's only good for 90 days worth, then you have to go back and get a refill and script. Something like that. Although, 12 weeks would be a good cycle.

  11. I live in houston and friends go to mexico all the time.. they have no problem going to mexico .. getting a script and bringing stuff back. In fact... it was done within an hour of crossing the border.

    You can bring stuff back legallly . but there is a limit to the amount you can bring.

  12. From what I understand you can bring back Viagra and antibiotics and thing like that but roids are in a different catagory of drug if I'm not mistaken. Down here (live about 2 hours north of the border) they write you a script at the pharmacy - no need to actually see a Dr., but I visit a town that lives and dies off the elderly going down to get their meds (OK, OK, I come close to falling in that catagory but not there yet!). They come by the bus load from 2,3 or even 4 states away. I've found it best to just buy some trinkets and toys for the kids and stuff the good sh!t inside - don't declare it when they ask you. Know a young kid that got caught and all they did was confiscate it and fined him $280. Not too severe.

  13. Why don't people just go to mexico, do the cycle there for a month or two , then come back without breaking any laws , not in the us or there ?

  14. Have you ever vacationed in Mexico? It's a hell of a lot of fun but I cannot wait to go home after a week of dealing with that place. I would go insane if I was there for more than that.

  15. Okay.. I hate to be an ass but please don't discuss prices or sources on the board. IT IS NOT SAFE, come on people think please
  16. A dude I know!!!!!

    Goes to mexico, like normal. Buys his goodies, brings them back to the hotel. Takes hand sanitizers, empty's the liquidy gel...which resembles test.....and drys them out. Cleans them out with alcohol right before he uses a 21g to transfer the goodies to the hand sanitizer. Then brings them home, says he has done it 3 times and they never suspect anything when they go through his bags and see it.

  17. QDogg,

    You friend will love you - if there is a Customs Agent watching this thread and he sends an alert memo to those that work the Mexcan border crossings.

    You burned his method Dude, but it was a pretty clever idea.


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