cycle and post cycle question

  1. cycle and post cycle question

    How long after you stop cycle to you start to lose your gains (weight, and strength)???

    I have been taking 1-ad, and 4-ad for three weeks now, starting to notice some decent gains. The most 1-ad I am getting up to is 300mg and 4-ad is 500mg daily, due to the fact I only have bought 1 bottle of each. I was wanting to stay on for 6 weeks, so will going down to 200mg of 1-ad but staying at 500mg of 4-ad be a waste, and should I just take as much as possible this next week to finish a 4 week cylce. I plan on taking 6-oxo post cycle. Will I continue to make gains for week or two or will gains stop pretty much immediatly?? Did some searching and didnt find a similar thread.

  2. I would not taper your dosages down, there is no benefit. You should either continue to run at your current dose until it runs out or get more of it to extend.

    After a cycle like that, I doubt you will lose much initial water weight, maybe 2 lbs in the first 2 days. Your strength should stay for at least a week after. You will proabably lose a little of it. If you take a good PCT & keep your calories high, you should be able to maintain around 80% of your gains. I suggest using nolva or clomid for PCT, more effective than 6-oxo. I usually start taking creatine at the end of a cycle to help maintain size & strength.

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