those crazy GUYS

  1. those crazy GUYS

    hello people! I trust everyone had a good Turkey day. I need help. Im right smack in the middle of an mdrol/epi run (loving the results, but thats another thread.) After my run is over and PCT is done, im interested in getting started with CLEN, to cut the fat of course. ill be obtaining it from the GUYS.

    The problem is that ive never run Clen, and i dont really know where to start. ive searched and frankly im a bit more confused now than when i started searching. I was hoping that someone with some experience could possibly give me some pointers, if not just tell me from A to Z how to work this stuff. It will be LiquiClen 30ml @ 200mcg/ml. i need help with dosage, when and how to take it.

    6'3 250lbs 18%bf 24yoa (probably be around 260 when i finish my current run)

    once again THANK YOU to anybody that will take time to help explain this to me.

  2. Why run epi and mdrol then after want to cut? Going to be hard to keep those recent weight gains that you just made. Just my 2 cents.

  3. agreed. would the clen ruin all my progress? i was under the impression that it just targeted fat, not muscle. or am i way off base here.

  4. dont just run clen.. add t3 and your cut will b crazy

    Day 1 Clen 60mcg / T3 50mcg
    Day 2 Clen 60mcg / T3 50mcg
    Day 3 Clen 80mcg / T3 75mcg
    Day 4 Clen 100mcg / T3 75mcg
    Day 5 Clen 100mcg / T3 75mcg
    Day 6 Clen 120mcg / T3 100mcg
    Day 7 Clen 120mcg / T3 100mcg
    Day 8 Clen off / T3 125mcg
    Day 9 Clen off / T3 125mcg
    Day10 Clen off / T3 125mcg
    Day11 Clen off / T3 125mcg
    Day12 Clen off / T3 125mcg
    Day13 Clen off / T3 125mcg
    Day14 Clen off / T3 125mcg
    Day15 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
    Day16 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
    Day17 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
    Day18 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
    Day19 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
    Day20 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
    Day21 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
    Day22 Clen off / T3 125mcg
    Day23 Clen off / T3 125mcg
    Day24 Clen off / T3 125mcg
    Day25 Clen off / T3 125mcg
    Day26 Clen off / T3 125mcg
    Day27 Clen off / T3 125mcg
    Day28 Clen off / T3 100mcg
    Day29 Clen 120mcg / T3 100mcg
    Day30 Clen 120mcg / T3 100mcg
    Day31 Clen 120mcg / T3 75mcg
    Day32 Clen 120mcg / T3 75mcg
    Day33 Clen 120mcg / T3 75mcg
    Day34 Clen 120mcg / T3 50mcg
    Day35 Clen 120mcg / T3 50mcg
    Day36 Clen off / T3 50mcg
    Day37 Clen off / T3 50mcg
    Day38 Clen off / T3 25mcg
    Day39 Clen off / T3 25mcg
    Day40 Clen off / T3 25mcg
    Day41 Clen off / T3 25mcg
    Day42 Clen off / T3 25mcg

    id run some anabolics with clen tho, u will lose a lot of fat but muscle as well.

  5. awesome, thats what i was looking for. should i split the doses throughout the day or just one dose. any recomendations on the anabolic? i was thinking dbol would work nicely. thanks for that.

  6. mod edit: my suggestion, read the rules.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by holota18 View Post
    havin problems finding this stuff anyone got any suggestions?
    dont ask for sources

  8. ok, now that i have a guideline, should i use oral or trans? i dont respond well to dermals usually, but what r the sides of oral? how do you take oral? cmon guys im a sponge.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by wilsmash4food View Post
    ok, now that i have a guideline, should i use oral or trans? i dont respond well to dermals usually, but what r the sides of oral? how do you take oral? cmon guys im a sponge.
    oral will be more effective than transdermal. sides for oral, inject or transdermal clen will all be the same.

  10. eat bananas or some potassium atleast 300mg/day cuz ull get cramps at your kindeys and drink 2 gallons of water a day

  11. most people run clen two weeks on then two off to give the receptors a break. if you add t3 you will lose a lot of muscle if you aren't on some good anabolics... and the dosing above for t3 is a little high, 50-75mcg a day will be good.

  12. U just are coming off a cycle... So u need to rest before jumping onto another aas cycle.

  13. noted....i dont plan to do this for at least 2 months after ive finished pct. i guess the only question i have is when i do get the clen, i plan on getting the liquid form. now, the liquid form is still oral right? Ive heard guys talking about using liquid for oral and dermal. confused me. Im just all aound confused guys, I just recently decided to run this stuff, and im trying to play catch up. I never thought I would run it, so I never really made it a point to research.

  14. yes the liquid is oral

  15. what i would recomend being that you just came off a methyl cycle,

    if you had the cash to drop on 4 bottles of furaguno, a dry, non methyl anabolic, you could run that @ 399mg each day, you wont get any weight gain, but you will keep the muscle you have, and get shredded. there is a possiblity with the right diet of you also gaining muscle also.

    cannot list source of info, as they are also a source for the drugs.
    Special Attention needs to be paid to the start AND end of your 6 Weeks of Clenbuterol, start with a small dose for the first 2 days, the a slightly higher dose for another 2 days and then your max/recommended dose for the remainder of the cycle. When you come to the end of the cycle, reverse the process, taking slightly less for 2 days, then slightly less for another 2 days and then stopping.

    THE FIRST TIME YOU TAKE CLENBUTEROL: You must establish for yourself what is the correct dosage. For a woman it will be between 40-100mcg, for a man between 80-160mcg. You start on 20-40mcg for a couple of days, then you raise to 40-80mcg for a couple more days.. at this point you should “feel” the clenbuterol working, if your hands are shaking slightly, don’t worry that should subside in a day, if it does not you are taking slightly too much and you need to reduce your dose 20-40mcg. So it’s the point where your taking just less than the amount that makes your hands tremble that you want to find and this is your MAX dose. You want to be taking enough Clenbuterol to be “feeling it” when your doing your workout, but not so much that your hands are shaking and making you feel uncomfortable.

    Ketotifen will keep your Beta 2 receptors in good shape, meaning you can use Clenbuterol for longer up to 6 weeks. (Clenbuterol can not safely be used for longer than 3 weeks, without a 3 week break, unless you are using Ketotifen daily from the second week).

    The Ketotifen is taken everyday, before bed, in weeks 2-6

    The thing to remember about Ketotifen is that is makes you drowsy and you should not take it in the morning or before driving your car.

    if you cant find ketotifen (which u should) you can also use Benadryl, or Periactim

  16. excelent.


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