Nolva timing

  1. Nolva timing

    Does it matter what time of day you take Nolva and should you split the dose up?



  2. I don't think it does unless it gives you haertburn. (it does me, I try and take it with my bedtime snack.) From what I understand it has a fairly long halflife of an oral.

  3. generally taken before bed , estrogen levels are supposed to be higher during night time or something of that sort .

  4. I split mine in AM/PM for the 1st 2 weeks at 40mg/day. For the last two I take it before bed.

  5. I take it in the morning beacuse I seem to get hot flashes when I take it at night, which keeps me from sleeping.

    There is no benefit to splitting it up, it has a 7 day half-life. You can if you want, but its more convenient to do it all at once.

  6. Thanks LD. I'll prob take all at once from now on.


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