4-ad/ Newbie

  1. 4-ad/ Newbie

    Hi all, this is my first time posting on the forum but I have been reading up!
    My background, 3yrs natural training, gained 35lbs muscle but I want to start a prohormone cycle. I just want to make sure that I I have my facts straight so correct me if I am wrong.
    I was thinking about doing a 4-AD cycle with 1-AD, I have read that 1-AD is supposed to be very anabolic without being very androgenic. These posts seem to lead me to believe that is quite opposite!
    I definately want to avoid the hairloss issue so I am pretty set on doing just a 4-AD cycle for the 1st time, how does this sound to you guys? Shold I go transdermal or oral with an ester?
    I was thinking about the dermabolics brand spray on or Biotest 4-AD-EC, any opinions on which I should do? I was thinking about starting at 400mg ED and then increasing in a week or 2 if I dont see any results. OK??
    Lastly, does the Nizarol shompoo really work? I have heard mixed results.
    I really want to try 1-AD with this stack but dont want hair loss, so in your opinion would I still make good gains on strictly 4-AD since it is my 1st time or so I really need the 1-AD. (I just want more size) not necessarily more streangth.
    Sorry about the length!!

  2. IMHO I would go for the 4-ad Transdermal from PN. I did a cycle of 1-ad and had no hair problems, 1-test on the other hand I did have some hair loss but it was easily controlled with nioxin (shampoo and conditioner). Personally I have the genetics for hair loss, and I already have a receeding hair line, but even while "on", I have no problems stopping it. As for whether or not you need it 1-ad, that is up to you, I say just go for a 10grams of 4-ad in T-gel cycle, that will give you some bulk or maybe even try 5g of 1-test and 5 of 4-ad. Either of these would be a great first cycle, and if you are worried about hair loss just take precautions with spiro and/or nizoral or nioxin.

  3. I think 4AD is Ok by its self. I would go with a transdermal rather than oral. May want to try it with some 1,4AD, I had great luck with that combo. At $1 and about $3 a gram respectively it's hard to go wrong.

  4. Stick with transdermals for 1-test, 4ad. The only orals worth taking apart from methylated ones are 1ad and 1,4ad.
    You could customise a 1-test/4ad transdermal using dermabolics/t-gel from PN with less 1-test to minimise hairloss.
    1,4ad is another option if hairloss is a concern.
    Nizoral should help but spiro is better although its more expensive.

  5. 4ad is by far my favorite pro-hormome. Nothing else, including M1T comes close. My all time favorite was Avant Labs original One+. It was a roughly 3:1 4ad:1test transdermal. No trouble with hair loss. You could make your own with PN's "build you own" transdermal. Legal Gear's 4ad+ and Hydroxy-Test are both awesome as well. Good luck.

  6. Thanks guys. Extremely helpful!! where did all you got your Nioxin shampoo and conditioner, Is Nioxin and Nizarol the same thing. I thought spiro was a topical cream am I right?
    I am looking into building my own transdermal so Im sure I will have more questions!!

  7. alright I got hooked up with DR.LEE and am getting spiro and Nizarol.
    Now, I am having second thoughts about my cycle,
    I am either going to do 1-AD and 4-AD or just straight 4-AD. Should the 1-AD and 4-AD cycle be 4 weeks long or 3? If I take 200mg ed of 1-AD and 400 mg ed of 4-ad that will last me 4 weeks. Or should I go 300Mg 1-AD and 600 mg 4-AD for 3 weeks?
    I am trying to keep that 2 to 1 ratio up!
    Now a big Question, do I use 6-OXO post cycle or should I use tribex and M by biotest?
    Would I need as much post cycle if I were to just do a 4-AD cycle for 4 weeks?
    I have no Idea what to take Post cycle and how much to take?
    Any help is appreciated.

  8. Even if you're taking 4AD alone for 4 weeks, that's still 4 weeks of suppression of your natty test. I'm sure you've heard of nolvadex by now, it's the best PCT you can hope for. Lionnutrition.com has it along with a few other companies that are discussed on the forum. If you're not too familiar with it, just do a search for it and read up. You'll see that's a much better PCT than what you're considering. On a personal note, I used 6oxo with Nolvadex and retained all gains with no problems.

  9. Why the hell would anyone want to use 1AD when we have 1-test available at a great price?


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