Guess what i found laying around...

  1. Guess what i found laying around...

    in the bottom corner of my closet in a ziplock bag...

    Anabolic Xtreme Superdrol: Exp Jan 08
    Super Mass Caps: still good
    Promagnon 25- expired 08
    ...all unopened

    not exactly sure what im going to do with them, lol but i was just excited to stumble across them

    btw, what h3ll is super mass caps? im not even sure where i got them from, will look into them right now

  2. super mass caps are just halo & sd...

  3. Haha, awesome find dude, you can send some my way if you dont know what to do with em !

  4. You could make some nice money selling those if nothing else

  5. Quote Originally Posted by sarcoplasm View Post
    You could make some nice money selling those if nothing else
    honestly, i was thinking the same, i actually have a couple bottles of the og superdrol and mass caps...not a bad idea

  6. sd is still ok if it was in dark un opened
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  7. You could move that super quick on the


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