Is this ENOUGH winstrol to lower SHBG in this cycle??

  1. Is this ENOUGH winstrol to lower SHBG in this cycle??

    Hey brothers running cyp at 750/wk 1-12 and Var at 50mg/d 1-5 and may throw Epi/Havoc in at weeks 10-13. My main question is adding some winny to lower SHBG. I have one vile, I'm sure I could get more if needed but was told by a solid brother here to run it at 25mg orally the first 3 days of the week, weeks 3-11. Will this lower my shbg by 50% like I want? And is this a low enough dose that I won't have to worry about running an oral this many weeks in a row, even though only 3 days a week at a light dose? I do know it has to be taken orally for lowering shbg. EXPERTS please chime in here. Thanks brothers!

  2. I have never heard of winstrol being employed in this fashion. I am very skeptical that using 1 vial over a ~2 month time period will lower your SHBG levels as much as you desire.
    What's the deal with SHBG, you want to make your test cyp more effective? You can run MORE cyp. And the effect you're looking for is attained by stacking masteron with test as well.
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  3. Yes to get as much out of my test as possible basically, I guess I could run more but figured this may be a good plan since I have the winny lying around. What do you mean the effect I'm looking for is attained by stacking masteron with test? Masteron lowers shbg when ran with test? Masteron only comes in an oral though right? Not sure how to use it with the anavar I'm already planning on using?

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