Superdrol and Diet!

  1. Superdrol and Diet!

    Based on your experiences - it is absolutely necessary to eat massive carbs (obviously the protein yes) on cycle???

    This question comes up specifically thinking of those (like myself) who might be on a keto or other low carb diets!!

    If the carbs are absolutely necessary - how much carbs? maybe per pound bodyweight? For instance we know we want a minimum of 2 grams of protein per pound......and coming off a keto would one need to slowly re-introduce the carbs before or after starting the cycle - or would ramping up the carbs not be necessary if carbing up starts when the cycle starts?

    Thanks for any feedback or advice!!

  2. oh btw Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

    (is it a coincidence this question comes to mind on this day? lol it actually is!!)

  3. ill tell u right now its MAD hard to be on a keto and use superdrol. Unreal does it somehow, but hes not a human being lol.
    When i was on superdrol, i ate 600+ carbs, and sometimes i would feel like extreme hunger, for like something sweet. My legs would shake, and i would feel like sh*t until i eat something.

  4. I wouldn't worry about getting fat while eating lots of carbs while on superdrol, pretty sure you need extra carbs to take full advantage of the potential gains.

  5. This will differ from person to person. I would get nasty fat on 600g of carbs no matter what cycle I was on.

    You just have to figure it out through trial and error.

  6. Go with the carbs man, just spread them out in 6-8 meals to keep your metabolism goin if your worried about gaining fat...


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