Hey guys, this will be my first cycle on ph. I've been doing a lot of research on PHs and think im ready to start with a 1 andro RX cycle by ironmaglabs. I'm 21 5' 8" 162lbs 10%bf... About a month ago i was around 168lbs before I took a mini break for some family issues... I've been lifting since i was in middle school and think im ready for a ph cycle but want to make sure things are in check before I start...

    1 andro rx
    week1-300mg 1 in the am, 1 mid day before work out, 1 in the pm
    week2-400mg 2 in the am, 2 in the pm
    week3-600mg 2 in the am, 2 mid day before work out, 2 in the pm
    week4-400mg 2 in the am, 2 in the pm

    week5 PCS/RECYCLE
    week6 PCS/RECYCLE
    week7 PCS/RECYCLE
    week8 PCS/RECYCLE
    help with pct dosing would be much appreciated...maybe DTH or sus alpha for natty test booster?


    CALS- around 3,000+ for a nice lean bulk

    I know you guys get the "HELP ME OUT ITS MY FIRST CYCLE" a lot but any help would be appreciated!

  2. BUMP.... plus i wanted to alter my pct

    Post Cycle Support(for the trans-rev and estrogen control)
    13C(estrogen control)
    ZMA(sleep and GH regulation)
    Recycle( test boost, cortisol control)

    dosing would be much appreciated please.

  3. even for a first cycle IMO the 1-ad isdosed too low. most people start at like 600 and run upwards of a gram a day. plus theres no point in tapering it down the last week if anything go higher but tapering isnt going to be postitive in anyway

  4. As stated, no need to taper down. My best advice for pct is to keep it simple. One anti-estrogen and possibly a cortisol blocker.

  5. even as a first cycle I would run the dose higher and the cycle longer. It's a nonmethyl and it's not particularly strong.
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  6. Four weeks is too short in my personal opinion. I ran it for the better part of 8 weeks, and my bloodwork was fine. I am on Testosterone replacement therapy, so PCT isn't an issue for me.


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