Home-made PH Patch

  1. Home-made PH Patch

    I posted this in the homebrew section a few minutes ago and thought more people would see it in here. This is something I tried awhile back and it worked really well.

    I had bought some cough drops that came in little plastic blisters with foil backing. I cut those apart, being sure to save as much flat area around the bottome of each one as possible. Go to the pharmacy and purchase some skin adhesive. There are several different types, but I got the kind that patients use around colostomy seals. It only takes a small drop to seal so don't go overboard unless you want everything around glued together.

    Then mix up your penetration enhancer of your choice, put in the blister, get in an akward position so you don't spill it, and stick it on with firm pressure around the edges. I used isopropyl and dmso and got a real good little irritated spot, but it is a small area and goes away quickly.

    Reapply every twelve hours. It's also good to keep the smell down from T-gel or dmso. Enjoy.

  2. That is a good idea but I'm not sure it would work as well as you're thinking. The idea with transdermals is to apply to large areas with little hair or fat. Those small blister packs would localize the dose making absorption difficult IMO. I would like to hear other opinions though.

  3. Sounds like a good idea. How much of transdermal was left in blister pack when you removed it? How much do you think leaked out? It would have to be a really good seal from the glue as the stuff is like water but still sounds plausable. Where did you apply it and how did your clothing rubbing over it affect the seal and or comfort?

  4. There was very little left in the pack. I didn't put alot in to begin with as I was only doing 50mg Tne twice a day to equal 700mg a week.. That amounts to very little solution in each pack.

    There was absolutely no leaking and no discomfort from clothing. I used the adhesive that is made for colostomy attachment. I don't know if you've ever seen one, but it is basically a small, flat circle that attaches to the abdomen of patients who have colostomies. It is made to definietly not leak.

    I applied mine to the inner thigh and rotated sites back and forth. No discomfort except from a slight irritation from the dmso. I have no way of proving how much I got or didn't get, but I had a very good cycle with good gains.

  5. It's an interesting idea. Watch, 2 months and someone will come out with it as the hot new thing, hahahaha!



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