Introducing Winni tabs mid cycle

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    Introducing Winni tabs mid cycle

    I am not doing a huge cycle right now. Jsut something to add some size and strength. I am running 35mg dbol ED ( 2 weeks left ), 400mg Test a week, 200mg EQ a week. I was wanting to start taking some winni tabs about week 6 or 7 and run to week 12, to add some qualative muscle, strength and to rip up a little. I am new to winni, how much a day will show good results?



  2. I have seen EQ 300mg/w stacked with up to 50mg/d of winnie. That dose is probably high though. The Eq/winnie stack is sometimes used 2 weeks after a strictly mass phase to solidify the gains.

  3. I'd say 50mg/day. And it's not a high dose.
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    thanks guys

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