How does your body "FIX" itself after ROIDS?

  1. How does your body "FIX" itself after ROIDS?

    Ok, I know thats pretty broad. For me I have only done a couple cycles of PH's never the "real" thing since its hard for me to get and I dont know as much about it.

    But, after cycles obviously your cholesterol, lipids, liver values ect.
    Mine were terrible after HDROL and Im getting ready to do SD. However after PCT I was actually "healthier" than before cycle but it was about 1 month after PCT. My test was 225 after cycle, the 685 after PCT.

    SO, I guess my question is, Does your body fix itself over time? And if so how? I mean hypathetically if you didnt use a PCT does your body eventually fix its own cholesterol and start making test again?

  2. sy by pro hormones im guessing you mean like 4-androstenediol or something like 1-androstenediol. or maybe even 1,4 androstenedione
    or maybe,
    screw it, the point is, doesn't matter what you took, pro hormones convert into steroids in the body, same side effects, positive effects.

    supplements sold as pro hormones but are actually real deal steroids are (to name a few) superdrol, halodrol, epistane, pheraplex etc.

    so to answer your questions, research, cause you've been using steroids. one form or another.

  3. Didn't you post this as something different already? If you are so uncertain I would definately do some research. I cannot answer your question, but then again I'm not taking SD.

    Get your diet in check, seriously in check, maybe take some creatine and BCAAs.
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    Very slowly and not all the way

  5. Biochemistry is so ridiculously intricate... but the human body is a self-correcting system, a self-balancing equation. When something is out of equilibrium it usually responds... i.e. low test -> release GnRH -> release LH -> make more testosterone
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