My first cycle log... CEL P-plex

  1. Talking My first cycle log... CEL P-plex

    By request, I'll be logging a one month cycle of CEL's p-plex.

    Starting weight: 185.2

    Dosage: 20x4 weeks

    Cycle Support
    Fish oil
    taurine (3g)

    same as above

    Post Cycle:
    Nolva 20/10/10/10
    Natty Test supp..(TBD)
    PCT regimen will begin 1/2 week before cycle ends

    As clean as possible, 3500-4000 calories.
    As much water as a player can stomach

    28 years old, recovering addict. If this cycle stimulates alot of euphoria (I know my limits), I will cease immediately. I am an outgoing person with relatively high levels of testosterone, it will be interesting to see how mood will be affected.

    3x a week

  2. 1st day:

    Workout: Back and abs

    Weighted Pullups (25lbs)x4
    Deadlift- 8x225, 6x275, 6x285, 5x285
    Cable pulls- 8x144, 6x162, 6x162, 6x144

    usual ab routine

    Ate clean like a freak..... let the games begin!

  3. make sure them cals are clean and sodium is lowe. Youll get some nice lean mass then
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  4. Oh but the sodium brings on the water weight, I love water weight, only because I cant usually retain water lol...

  5. Quote Originally Posted by gamer2be08 View Post
    Oh but the sodium brings on the water weight, I love water weight, only because I cant usually retain water lol...
    lol!! if youre after it go get it son!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  6. Day 2 and already I'm thirsty as hell. I've decided to include 2-3 days of cardio a week to keep fat gains at a minimum. Before and after photos will be posted soon.

    Shoulder workout today, no increases in weight.

  7. im on board! good luck bro. planning on running p-plex solo myself after the holidays. quick question, whats your bf% sitting at?

  8. Don't know exactly, probably around 12-13%. Ill let you guys decide when i upload the 'before' photos. Another note- I'm having no trouble eating down the house so far. If food doesn't enter my body within 3 hours of the last meal, I go hypoglycemic quickly.

  9. I'm watching. I can tell you that the euphoria reported from steroids like P-plex and epi isn't like the euphoria from recreational drugs. I've experienced plenty of both and I don't believe it will be anything of a trigger at all. Enjoy the gains!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by stinkypinky View Post
    im on board! good luck bro. planning on running p-plex solo myself after the holidays.

  11. Up that water intake if youre thirsty. Listen to your body it knows EVERYTHING before you can even think of it
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  12. Alright, here's a day 3 update. I experienced hella anxiety last night before falling asleep eventually. I don't know if it's my body getting used to hormonal changes and will dissipate, or if it will get worse. What techniques have you guys used to lessen anxiety on AAS? I have noticed some feelings of being detached, but again, these may lessen with time. The future of this cycle rests on the week mark. I will stop if they haven't improved by then. For the remainder of the week, will reduced to 10mg daily. 20 may be too much for me (always been sensitive to drugs). If the cycle continues past 1 week, I'll ramp it up to 20 again.

    In the weightroom:
    Noticed some heavy pumps, still thirsty as a goat. Exercise was fairly intense today despite the lack of sleep. Scale reads 186.5. Gaining some water as a result of this ph.

  13. When is your last dosing of Phera?
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  14. 4 weeks from this past wednesday. Thanks for all the words of encouragement so far!

  15. I have decided to discontinue my cycle.. thanks for the help!


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