would any manufacurer be bold enough to make a new "superdrol"

  1. would any manufacurer be bold enough to make a new "superdrol"

    i was reading that according to in vida if someone made a THP ether of masteron "The risk of liver damage is less than with superdrol and we reckon that its likely to cause less damage than dymethazine. " and the androgenic value would be between 44-88 and the anabolic value would be between 219-395. now i kno superdrol isnt really methyl masteron but more a cross between masteron and anadrol, correct me if im wrong, but it seems like that would be pretty legit


  2. quit worrying about steroids and eat(kidding, but kind of true)! Interesting, but I doubt it since stuff is starting to go down hill. Maybe underground...

  3. they will always be real gear and i will always get it hahaha

  4. Would be a thought. If u had the resources bottle it and sell it. Sure it would do well.

  5. there are lots of options, esp for new steroids. things like azine bond, things like that, just too much heat right now, give it time.


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