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  1. Methyldienolone Advertising

    Is it just me or does anyone think that advertising for this product or methyls in general does not show any concern about the consumers health or well being? I singled out methyldienolone in particular b/c it is so close to methyl-tren which is the most hepatoxic compound there is. I've been trying to do research to find out if it is worth taking. According to the advertisements, it says that it has less side effects than m1t, etc. etc. Over all it makes it look very tempting to purchase. However it does not say one thing concerning hepatoxicity.

    Now I know that it is not near as dangerous as methyl-tren, but still it makes me feel like the manufacturers are trying to sugar coat these products by not telling people about the negative things that can happen. This makes me skeptical and feel like I can't trust the manufacturers. Anybody else notice this? Here I am, wanting to take this product and I have an advertiser talking about how safe it is and how it has barely any side effects....and then I come here and bobo scares me to death by talking about how toxic this compound might be? If there are dangerous possiblities it puts these advertisers/manufacturers in a very bad light.

    Any body have any lab results on liver levels w/m-dienolone yet? It sounds like a great product but my only concern is the very serious one of major stress on the liver.

  2. i think because although it is believed to have great hepatoxicity, there is no real scientific proof for or against that claim.

  3. Can't remember which philosopher said it but it was something to the effect of "Everything is a poison, the determining factor lies in the quantity taken." The only suggestion is to be monitored while you take it and see how it goes. Liver values, blood work, etc.

  4. I am a little weary of m-dien for the same reasons. I'm not one to jump right into every new product that comes out without testing/feedback. You see too many people taking cycle after cycle of methylated substances with hardly any time off, not knowing how dangerous the stuff is.

    I can only guess how many of them are drinking while on them too. When I was 19 years old in college, almost all AAS users I knew partied several nights a week. I doubt it's any different now, be it AAS or legal PH/PS.

  5. I would like to know who your talking about first of all because just about every company Ive seen carrying that product has had some type of notice stateing the sides that can be associated with its usage. True, it most likely does have an extremly high hepototoxicity but there is alot more damage that can be done to your body then just liver problems from taking this stuff at the wrong times in a persons life or in excess amounts. You can only warn people so much. And the worst part is that the warnings are normally what drive people towards it. Curioscity killed the cat! Most teenagers start smoking cigerittes because there hazardous to there health and it gives them sense of rebelion against adults and makes them feel more responsible. Labeling something as dangerous deter a small percentage but it will drive the curosity itch to alot more to try it. A Fear Factor thing.

    What more can someone say to teach the iggnorant? Nothing! Do you want the manufacture to slap the buyers hand for buying.

    Biggie Frys from McD's are unhealthy. Hasnt stopped half of the country from eating them.


  6. Mmmmmmmmm biggie fries Too bad those darwinian consequences in your sig are really relevant to food from the golden arches huh db?

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  7. Its funny cause McDonalds is removing super-size fries from their menu to support a "balanced lifestyle." In other words fat people that cant control what they eat are ruining McDonalds for the rest of us

  8. I'm not sure what the advertisers are saying regarding the safety of m-dien or any other methyls. Most everything I've read says that methyls are to some extent hazardous to your health (some more than others).

    As far as m-dien is concerned, Sldge has run it at what I'd say are 'high doses' and had his post-cycle blood work done. He hasn't posted his results yet, but from what I know of Sldge - if they were totally jacked up, I think he's the kind of 'manufacturer' who would quickly pull that designer supp from the cyber shelf.

    That said ... I'm sure there'll be some 135lb 16 yo wanting to get huge for football tryouts next year and will dose it at 10mg/d for 12 weeks and end up with a liver looking like a deflated pigskin ... can't really blame manufacturers for other people's stupidity.

  9. db682,

    I understand that you can only warn the public so much. But when there is a possiblility of severe toxicity, there should be some kind of note about it. This way it at least doesn't look like they are hiding info.

    One of the manufacturers you were wondering about was Gaspari Nutrition. I recieved a flyer at the Arnold and it didn't mention one thing about toxicity.

  10. Has supersoldier or anybody posted lab results yet? I'm anxious to see the effect on the liver. If someone could point me in the direction I'd appreciate it.

  11. Sldge said that he is going to post his labs in his newsletter.

  12. when is sledge gonna do this? anyone know? it has been weeks that i have looking for this, and i haven't seen anything on it. i know you all are waiting for the same thing, but im just anxious

  13. I wanted to be able to put more then just my values in the newsletter. My values alone arent enough IMO not that 4 peoples would be but at least its a start. I have some results from the M14ADD as well.

    There is also someone who wanted to try out the MDien in a cyclo to see if it was any better, worse or the same. As Prolangtum had said his doctor was more worried about his raised Cholesterol levels then the liver tests. I have just been real busy.

  14. So will it be posted on your website within the next week or so?

    Not harassing, just asking

  15. Quote Originally Posted by MF210
    Has supersoldier or anybody posted lab results yet? I'm anxious to see the effect on the liver. If someone could point me in the direction I'd appreciate it.
    I've only been on for 5 days today.

  16. I think part of the problem is the fact that smaller companies like DS put forth the effort to develop and beta a product THEN the big companies like Gaspari come through and mass market a product that has not been fully tested and for which there is no sufficient evidence of hepatoxicity or even consistent results - without any testing or research of their own.
    Overall I don't see it as lack of concern for customer's health or well being because there is enough evidence regarding methylated compounds in general to indicate they are toxic. The informed buyer knows the general benefits and dangers of using anabolic/androgenic compounds and is responsible in their usage, knows enough about their properties, or at least knows where to search for answers.
    Keep in mind that all these products are fairly new and they do not go through pharmaceudical trials for years. We are, for the lack of a better analogy, the test subjects. It is up to us to test these products at our own risk AND provide as much feedback as possible.
    The problem also lies in the ignorance and lack of perseverance of the uninformed user looking for a shortcut to the finish-line in order to attain a lifelong achievement.

    ... I'll shut up now and eat my oats...

  17. Quote Originally Posted by toty
    Its funny cause McDonalds is removing super-size fries from their menu to support a "balanced lifestyle." In other words fat people that cant control what they eat are ruining McDonalds for the rest of us
    Lord knows they'll never figure out they can buy two mediums!


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