Good Day,
I'm 31, 5'6", 180, totally solid, bf 14%. First cycle was dec 2003, test, eq, and deca in oil, and weeks 1-4 dbol(30mg). 12 weeks on cycle. Three ph cycles before that with 1 test and 4ad.
I'm taking a break for as long as time on. All post recovery was in order.
Now I would really appreciate some feedback on what to do for a second cycle. My goal has always been to touch the 200 pound club, but ripped. I do not think I could stay at that weight for long at my height. However, 190 and ripped would be a more realistic goal that I could shoot for. Don't mind the pin at all but I would like to stick to twice a week pinning at max. Still have 84 pinks(dbol). They took a toll on my hair. I would like to stick with something that is not a hair eater I noticed the dbol do me in by the second week. When I stopped dbol the thinning decreased.
Please help me out with ideas for a second cycle.