My First M1T Cycle

  1. My First M1T Cycle

    I'll be using Legal Gear's M1T

    Week 1 10mg M1T ED
    Week 2-4 20mg M1TED
    I'll be taking R-ALA, Potassium and the NAC that comes with the M1T

    I'll be using Nolva for PCT

    Week 1-2 40
    Week 3 20
    Week 4 10

    Any suggestions or comments are welcomed.

  2. Oh yeah, and as for creatine should I start taking it when I begin my cycle or once I start PCT?

  3. I highly recommend stacking 4ad with it, your body will thank you for it.

    I really think 10mg m1t will be plenty for 4 weeks. I just came off a similar 4-weeker & I to increased to 20mg M1t (from 10mg) in week 3. My gains did not increase, only cramping & lethargy did. I dropped back to 10mg in week 4. I am 6' & a decently lean 225 lbs, I won't go over 10mg anymore. If you are still gaining after 2 weeks, which I'm sure you will be- why increase the dose?

    Your PCT looks good. I usually stay off creatine on cycle, it helps maintain bodyweight if I go back on it during PCT.

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