lg marketing product x beacsue of ph ban

  1. lg marketing product x beacsue of ph ban

    legal gear is playing a marketing game of pushing people to buy their product x which is non hormonal and claimeed to give 7 lbs of mass in 2 weeks , and the reasin why people should use it cause phs is going to be banned and they say that this is the only alternative to phs , what a ****ty marketing that helps abbnning phs ! what the hell could this compund be !

  2. Quote Originally Posted by sicosico
    what the hell could this compund be !

  3. I'm not so sure it exists. A non-hormonal compound that delivers 7 pounds in 2.5 weeks and they aren't sure if they want to put it out?!? Also, the "product x" rumors have been going around since December.

  4. transdermal methoxy!!

  5. I just have to laugh at those who are claiming they are going to buy it even though they have no idea what it is.

    Considering the membership over there, Eric is just playing the fiddle and they are all following. Pretty good marketing for a product that doesn't even exist yet. The industry at its finest
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  6. It's also really funny that their tester was using PH's while testing Product X. Like, ha frickin ha. Thread at bb.com...


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