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  1. sounds good bro, thx

  2. Quote Originally Posted by 40 in 12
    size- thx for the tip man

    jminis- how did the prop werk for you?

    spooler- will do brother
    Prop works great bro I'm just saying for a first cycle (pinning for the first time) it's gonna sting a little. I love using test prop now but for bulkers and or longer cycles I prefer enanth or cyp. But remember Test Prop is a helluva drug, I'm Jminis bitch

  3. werd thanx for the help jminis

    what do you guys think about adding winny in towards the end of the cycle to harden up and solifify gains a bit?

  4. Just my opinion, but seeing as it is your first cycle, I wouldn't get too complicated with things.

    I would keep it simple for the first one, and go from there.

  5. Test is best. Just go with cyp or E on your first cycle, like everyone has already advized you to do.

  6. ivan and sifu- your right, thx, i think i was gettin a lil a head of my self too...

  7. I have to agree no reason to get over complicated.. keep the diet in check and see how things go


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