Questions on stocking up...Serm+Ph future legality?

  1. Questions on stocking up...Serm+Ph future legality?

    I've never used pro hormones and do not plan to for another year or two because I would like to have a more solid foundation to build on (also it is illegal for me to take them in my current occupation). However waiting that long to purchase would be a silly and stupid mistake on my part with the current atmosphere regarding pro hormones and similar substances.

    I've already acquired two bottles of H-drol and one bottle of E-stane, I imagine that would be enough for 2-3 cycles however I am unsure if I should purchase anymore. I would prefer to shy away from more hardcore substances like M-drol or Tren, however I do not know any other mild popular PH's to pick up. Would P-mag be a nice addition?

    Also regarding SERM's I am uncertain of the future legalities regarding purchasing from abroad, so would it be wise to go ahead and purchase a few "Indian" supplied rx grade SERM's like Nolva or Clomid? I've found a few sites that seem to sell legit prescription's shipped from foreign countries, but I do not know if these substances have a shelf life. I prefer to shy away from research chemicals, but even then I doubt they will continue to be legal for much longer.

    Thanks for any suggestions or comments.

  2. As for the SERM, feel free to stock up if all you're worried about is the drugs expiring. I doubt you will ever have to worry about the drugs losing potency over time as long as they are stored in a cool dry place. You could always vacuum seal the stuff and stick it in the freezer, where it will likely keep good for many years. Of course, I'm referring to either pills or bulk powders, I don't know how long the liquid stuff would keep.

    As for which PH/DS to stock up on, I covered what I think here: m-drol or h-drol

  3. the SERMs are already illegal to posses without you having an actual prescription for them, so their future legality won't change. AS far as the PH/DS goes you may want to pick up a bottle of superdrol before it becomes impossible to as you may decide after using the others that you want to try it.

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