1. 4AD to TEST at HOME

    this thread will contain the complete steps and instructions necessary to convert 4AD to testosterone or 19nordiol to nandrolone. i will post as soon as possible. meanwhile for those with access to a good university science library, here's where the info i required was:

    fried and edwards, 1972

    i still have to work out concentrations and such and have to find a source of high quality MnO2.

    cheers, pete

  2. http://www.jtbaker.com/msds/englishhtml/m0715.htm

    basic info on MnO2 itself for those curious

    seems that Manganese Peroxide is used in some energizer and duracell batteries

  3. if your worried about MnO2, we are not injesting it. it is the oxidizer we use to get the 3OH to become a ketone. any company manufacturing any prohormone or steroids uses chemicals like these and sometimes much more dangerous ones too. after the reaction is complete we wash the remaining MnO2 and whatever salt is created out of the testosterone powder.

    cheers, pete

  4. okay, i'm going to continue on with this conversion and esterifications. the making of formasin and 6oxo are too dangerous for most people and the cost benefit is smaller.

    for 4AD to test we need high quality MnO2 which costs a little more than the lesss pure stuff, or you could make your own. i'll post the excerpts from the book and references soon.

    cheers, pete

  5. Hey its been a while since I've seen this topic active but I got give it a nice bump due to some info I found.

    I was reading through avants forum and found PA's mention to the conversion.  Someone brought up the using  hypochlorate ions as the oxidizer, this would be supplied from sodium hypochlorate(Bleach) and the hyrdroxide ion produce would be neutralized by acetic acid(Vinegar) shifting the equilib into highly product favored.

    Hypochlorate to my knowledge is milder oxidized compared to MnO2 and would probally have slower reaction rate, but adding it slowly and as the limiting reactant I am guessing it would have a high test yeild, since as pointed out its has the most stable intermideate and the most likely product.

    There was no additional discussion on this idea at avant so I don't know how credible it is, but it looks pretty good to me, espically since you can pick up everything at a hardware store for cheap.

    Anyone have any input on this idea(I may be way off)?

  6. Heres the link http://magazine.mindandmuscle.net/main.php?page****97

    Edit link dosn't work.  Just go to the forum and search for "Testosterone propionate from synovex" it begin near the end of pg 1 onto pg 2.
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  7. i dont really have any input on this, just hear to cheer u guys on. keep up the good work

  8. i still think that the best way is MnO2. its really not that dangerous. the reactions i found in the book are used because of their selectivity and specificity. i will take my texts home with me this weekend and try to work out a reaction mechanism, this way, we can come up with alternative methods.

    cheers, pete

  9. ok weiss p.a did say anybody could do it in there kitchen

  10. Patric Arnold did say that you could....he is on Avant Labs forum a lot and has discussed it on there..


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