English bodybuilder's.

  1. English bodybuilder's.

    Hi guy's I'm new here, Just to us english because we don't get as much special doctor's over here with blood work etc.

    Just wondering how would i go about getting a blood test done in the u.k ?

    And how much for ? I know american doctors are used to bodybuilding related health. Doctors over in england dont have a clue. ?

    Also test levels ? what would we ask for and who would we go to for this in england ?

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    I don't think doctors in America, on average, would know anything about that. Most people here use private labs rather than doctors.

  3. Do some research on the net, find a list of things you want done, your doctor will advise you from there.

  4. We don't have private labs here. are doctors think protien shakes are steriods, serious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You could say you drank a lot and were concerned, they will likely do a Liver Function Test (LFT). I think you would have to be referred to an endocrinologist here to get any hormonal stuff done.

  6. if you are worried but lethargy, muscle weakness and lack of virility these could be signs of low test that would warrant a test

  7. Cheers lads !

  8. Quote Originally Posted by synergy7 View Post
    We don't have private labs here. are doctors think protien shakes are steriods, serious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    really? methinks you're being economical with the truth. Saying that though, i've never heard of these 'steriods', are they something made by muscletech?

    And yes there are private labs here in the uk:-



    i suppose, though, that did take me AT LEAST 10 SECONDS TO FIND!!"!!!

    picture time............
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