AAS and Mood

  1. AAS and Mood

    What do you guys think is the best and worst overall AAS when it comes to

    Well being and Mood

    I'm trying to understand this whole "Hormones and Neurochemistry" thing, but it's a whole new field for me.

  2. Sense of well being - prolly enth or cyp, worst - tren or halo

  3. I do like the feeling of being on test.. tren.. It doesn't effect much mood wise.. but everyone is different and for the most part any gear will should not effect your mood that much

  4. Test makes me feel best, and so far 1-test (which is a steroid) makes me feel the worst.

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  5. mentally , trenbolone is the MOST depressing steroid in my experience .methyl 1-test was physically draining , made me feel drained and slothy and sleepy all the time .

  6. trenn does weird things to me I feel good but paranoid? 1 test doesnt effect me negatively, the best feeling for me is mega dosed 4ad 1gram pre day transdermal and I feel great.

  7. Test makes me feel slightly better than normal.1-test makes me tired and lethargic.M1t makes me feel slightly suicidal considering the extreme lower back pain that I got and the brown piss and the bloat and the sore calfs and the.I better stop.Deca i remember feeling normal too.


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