Need help on 1-test cyp conversion

  1. Need help on 1-test cyp conversion

    I'm wanting to convert 1-test cyp........I usually use Dazed oil/solvent mix and make up about 90mls with it at 100mg. Well if you want anything now from him it takes a month to get here. My question is I have some 1-test cyp powder from 1 fast 400 can I take 10 grams and add 4mls of ba and get 100ml bottle of sterile oil and just make it myself? Also will the 1-test cyp be painless? I't always painless in Dazed oil/solvent mix. Any help will be grateful thanks

  2. Yes you can make it yourself. 1-test in general is not as pain free as regular cyp but nonetheless better than injecting non-estered 1-test.

  3. Yes you can do it yourself. Read "Making Test Enanthate 250mg/ml With Pictures" by Kitchen Chemist in this forum.

  4. My last batch was 200 mg/ml using 5% BA. No problem keeping it in solution.
    No pain during injection, but a little soreness 2-3 days later. I would keep BA at 4% or less and add BB if you need to.
    100 mg/ml should be pretty easy w/ 3-4% BA.

  5. I'd do 3% BA and about 10-12% BB, using cottonseed oil.

  6. Thanks, Guys!!

  7. Just new to the site posted something you guys would think is is a ridiculous question ... But hey I need the help anyways I just wanted to point out I think it's f king sweet that you're chefing up gear like that is imagine it's cost effective and safer? Ne ways im impressed


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