I know that traditionally, the AI is taken on Off day (at night) on a pulse, but to lessen shutdown, is their any point in taking it on ON days too?

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It will make absolutley no difference, dosed only on off days, it would not have near the amount needed to actually controll aromastase, its effects arent instant and take cumalative doses to build up enough to have an effect on aromatase. Using it on off days wont do much at all, and its likley that the epi will have estrogen already well controlled.
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With a strong test booster like Hyperdrol as your daily base, to do a smart pulse with a methyl simultaneously you should not need a SERM or PCT at all.
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Would there really be any advantage of going this route over just going with a more traditional PCT at the end of the pulse cycle. I know that the pulse limits shutdown but I really don't feel like taking any chances.
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I would honestly use an AI though out the whole pulse if I was that concerned about it, and only consider a SERM if using something that was inherently estrogenic, even without aromatization. Otherwise, just wait and do a regular PCT after the pulse.
eg 50mg 6br everyday? or is the effects of 6br (or ATD) cumalitive so practically it makes no difference?