AAS cycles with M1t

  1. AAS cycles with M1t

    Hey guys, as I know there are MANY M1t fans on this Forum I would like to hear some cycle history where members had success stacking M1t with other anabolic compounds.

  2. I threw in 20mg/day of m1t during the last two weeks of my prop/fina cycle and it helped me pack on another 4-5 pounds after I thought I'd plateud. And so far nothing else I've taken gives me the pump that it does. I get almost painful pumps everywhere from m1t.

  3. I have a bunch of left over test and was wondering how much with 20mg/day sounds right if using M-1t?

  4. I did a m1t/cyp cycle, ran the m1t at 10mgs for the first 4 weeks, I liked it alot, a lil different route to take rather than dbol, the vascularity from the m1t and the cyp was good times no doubt...

  5. anyone else!??

    I read in M1T threads all the time how the members here add it to their cycle.

  6. just started m-1t 1-4
    1-8 test base 500mg

  7. Yep! M1T as a frontload for the first 2 weeks is great! and also for the last 2 weeks of cycle, too bad it gives so much lethargy other than that and the liver strain M1T is a great drug. Oh I almost forgot, is best when used with any of the long estered tests.


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