Tamoxifen durin cycle of test e

  1. Tamoxifen durin cycle of test e

    Hi, i'm currently running a cycle of test e. Have been told to take 20mg a day of tamoxifen with it. Is this right because with what i've read it sounds like i should only take it at the end of the cycle?

  2. You can take it during cycle for gynecomastia issues by blocking estrogen receptors in the breast. Post-cycle it will help restart your natural testosterone production by acting on receptors in the brain.

    If you aren't having (or have never had) gyno problems, then there's no need for it on-cycle. If you're really worried and still want to use it on-cycle as a precaution, you can start with 10 mg/day unless you still develope breast issues and feel you need more.

  3. thanks for the reply, very helpful. this is my first cycle so havent had any problems previously to use as reference. i kickstarted the cycle with superdrol and have been on the test-e at 500mg per week for 3 weeks. i only have 20mg tamoxifen tablets so would it work to take one every 2 days?

  4. just remember that taking a SERm during cycle wil inhibit some of the gains. go without if you can

  5. So would you say I'm being too careful using it durin the cycle? I'd been on Superdrol for a couple of weeks before taking the tamoxifen and had no problems. Do you think that means I should be ok? Just worried that if I get any Gyno problems I wont be able to sort them out. Sorry for asking so many questions, just want to be as safe as possible. Really appreciate the help!

  6. There is no reason to run it on cycle if you are not experiencing estrogen sides, particular gyno symptoms. If these arise then start the nolvadex. There are also liver toxicity concerns with nolvadex so I would avoid runnin it for a whole cycle and then PCT if you can.

    And just because you are done with SD does not mean you should be cautious of gyno. It can still come on now since testosterone aromatizes.
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  7. i am doing the same thing.... 500mg test with nolvadex 20mg tabs as back up only...
    where you from?

    pm me.


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