Suppressing Estrogen aides weight loss?

  1. Suppressing Estrogen aides weight loss?

    Ok I am sitting around thinking. I know estrogen is a plague, or at least for me, when elevating test levels. But was thinking about it from another angle tonight. Higher body fat= higher estrogen, and estrogen make weight loss harder. But could suppressing estrogen on its own aide in weight loss? Just a question, I am no expert. If so, or at least plausible, what estrogen suppressor or inhibitor would be best suited

  2. no one knows?

  3. Estrogen-dependent fat, i.e. lower body fat mainly, is decreased to some degree with the suppression of estrogen. Depressing estrogen to some degree makes fatloss in general a little bit easier. Formestane, or Arim/Arom, along with some supress-C or other anti-cortisol, plus some ECAY... look out. Just for an idea, here is the BEAST fatloss stack:

    Clen/ECA (alt or stack/alt.)
    Yohmbine HCL
    Usnic Acid containing non-stim fatburner ( i.e. Species Lipolyze, Somalyze )

    Keep in mind this is an intense contest type fatloss stack and is too powerful for the average dieter. Combine the ingredients of your choice and level of comfort and you will be well on your way to some serious fatloss.


  4. you need to stack the clen/t3 combo with an anabolic or you're going to drop muscle.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by UnrealMachine View Post
    you need to stack the clen/t3 combo with an anabolic or you're going to drop muscle.




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