CEL Hdrol cycle + pct overview/questions (yes another one..)

  1. CEL Hdrol cycle + pct overview/questions (yes another one..)

    I've been going through search/browsing for a few hours a day for the past few weeks and reviewing alot of sites (otcptc.com , bb.com , ect.. ect..) trying to soak up as much information as possible... heres a basic outline of what I have come up with... Note: I will be putting this together over a period of time... I have purchased 2 bottles of H-Drol and will space out my purchases to save funds and as I research more.

    Anabolic Innovations - Cycle Support (For body support, obviously)
    CEL - Cycle Assist (alot cheaper)

    H-Drol (CEL) Cycle:

    Post Cycle Therapy:
    Reversitol (Iforce Nutrition) - (for AI)
    PCT Assist (CEL) - (To increase testosterone back to normal levels)

    My question, according to Reversitol product listing, it includes both AI and Test booster, so would PCT Assist also be required or would it just be redundant? Now I have been looking at Anabolic Innovations - Post Cycle Support as per OTCPTC.com however it looks very similar to Reversitol as its both an AI with small test booster also... Opinions?

    I also read from a CEL rep that CEL's PCT Assist and Formestain would be fine as a PCT seeing how the PCT Assist is mainly test booster and Formestain is topical AI. Should I just do an all CEL pct with; PCT Assist, Formestain, Suppress-C ? Seems like they have covered all bases except for SERM. Theres just so many choices and I have ZERO first hand experience so everything I have to go on is broscience, but I am trying to be very meticulous in my product choosing to pick the best ones.

    Other threads I've found helpful in putting together this stack:

  2. yes you should run a tbooster too.
    I really liked tforce worked wonders.

    the main reason resverstial is marketed as a tbooster is because it is an AI, and the reasoning behind AI being tboosters are by their primary action which is inhibiting some of the estrogen in your body, less estrogen = more test.

    basically tbooster and an AI are needed at the least.

  3. Hmm, so do you think an all CEL Cycle would be fine , pre-cycle/cycle/postcycle

    PreCycle: Cycle Assist
    Cycle: Hdrol
    PCT: PCT Assist, Formastain, Supress-C.

    Cycle Assist- Support body/reduce side effects
    Formastain - AI
    PCT Assist - Test Booster
    Supress-C - Just for kicks....

  4. you know reservertial would still be okay right, that and pct assist and then your suppress c if you think you want it. but either way form or reservertial...make sure you run some cycle assist or at the least milk thistle during your pct. I dont know about running cycle assist during your cycle there are alot of q's about that. however I know that if you hurt your liver during your cycle you def wanna repair it afterwards.

  5. PreCycle: Milk Thistle
    Cycle: Hdrol ,Cycle Assist
    PCT: PCT Assist, Formastain, Milk Thistle

    Cycle Assist- Support body/reduce side effects/liver protection
    Formastain - AI
    PCT Assist - Test Booster
    Supress-C - Not needed
    Milk Thistle- liver protection

  6. id go with the CEL PCT assist and the reversitol if u already have it. and anabolic innovations PCS does not have an AI unless u want to pretend that RESVERATROL is a natural ai. not saying that it doesnt have effects on aromatase but i wouldnt use PCS as my sole pct.

  7. You dont really need an AI since H-Drol aromatize. And btw, I would use a SERM (Nolvadex) for your PCT , or at least have on hand just incase its needed, along with PCT Assist and others recommended.

    For H-Drol PCT, I would Personally do:

    Nolvadex 20/20/10/10 - Test Booster/Gyno Prevention/Estrogen Blocker
    PCT Assist - Test Booster
    Milk Thistle - Liver Support (min of 500mg/day)
    Inhibit E - Estrogen Blocker


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