Potential Security Vulnerability With Supp Site

  1. Potential Security Vulnerability With Supp Site

    There is a supplement site which has been discussed here (and which I can't mention as per rules) that still carries a selection of DS.

    I mentioned that after using the site my debit card began getting strange charges on it. Anyway, the bank has replaced the money.

    I have found a potential explanation and security vulnerability: the site's server runs Microsoft's IIS/6.0. This has a number of recognized security flaws.

    So...I would ONLY place orders over the phone.


  2. You didn't have to get a new card issued? I was a victim of online identity theft, and had to create whole new accounts. Huge pain in the ass.
    Good looking out

  3. Sure, I got a new card, new password.

    Go to www.grc.com and download the "ID Serve" applette. It allows you to put in a website's URL (e.g., www.nutaplanet.com) and it will querry the server and return info concerning the software used by that server--VERY COOL!!!

    At any rate very few commercial web sites run Microsoft's IIS/6.0. If you see one that does, my recommendation is to not transmit info over the internet to their server--call in your order.

    P.S. Neither Nutataplanet nor Primordial Performance use the Microsoft software.


  4. Thats an awesome tool, I put it on my desktop. I did a few searches, and I found the supp supplier I'm sure you were talking about. So far they're the only one I've found that I've used before.

  5. Crowbar, you got PM

  6. Thanks...I checked out the site I regularly use and it was run by Apache. I did find the place you must have used...thank god I never buy anything from them.


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