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    Hello everyone. I've been reviewing several threads form months now and done on and off research for years. It seems everytime I get a good understanding of what's going on with AAS I find another article or reference that discourages me. So I decided to try out the LG Methyl Masterdrol and was going to use Formadrol Extreme with Milk Thistle and Tribulis for PCT but I keep finding info that that really isn't a good idea. Most suggest not taking any over-the-counter SERMs or PCTs cause they're garbage.

    So any suggestions for for a guy who doesn't have any "connections" or wants to lose a ton of cash on the trial and error website game?

  2. if your talking about LG Methyl Masterdrol V2
    then yes Formadrol Extreme is enough
    ive never heard too many people saying Methyl Masterdrol V2 is any good though

    i suggest hdrol
    just educate yourself on the pct

  3. i tried LG methyl 1-d, and was not impressed at all, stacked it with liquid masterdrol, still not im pressed... maybe at best some muscle hardness... waste of your liver in my book!

  4. neither of those are methylated tho so your liver should be fine

  5. Quote Originally Posted by upstartcrow View Post
    It seems everytime I get a good understanding of what's going on with AAS I find another article or reference that discourages me.
    What do you mean by that? If it's the health risks and/or side effects that come along with AAS use, then you should know that the risks are the same if not greater when it comes to legal PH/DS. This is assuming that by "AAS" you mean the illegal stuff. In reality, the legal PH/DS are AAS as well. If you really wanted to split hairs you could put PH's in a sub-category, but there is real no practical reason for doing so. For nearly all intents and purposes, legal PH/DS are just as much "AAS" as the illegal stuff. The only reason some of these steroid compounds are legal is because of legal technicalities.

    If you want to use a real SERM for PCT but can't find a legit source for Nolva tabs, you can easily find and legally purchase liquid Nolva (as long as it's for 'research purposes'). Hit up google.



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