EXpiration Date for Fina ???

  1. EXpiration Date for Fina ???

    On the box of Finaplix there is an expiration date. Does this concern us for our purposes?

    Does it make any difference if it is in pellet or powder form ?

  2. Yes, the tren will deteriorate (oxidize) over time. It will last nearly forever when suspended in oil however, so if you do the conversion and have it stored in a sealed sterile vial in a cool dark place, it should last for long beyond the expiration date. If you can't do the conversion before the expiration, store it in a paper bag in your refrigerator.

  3. what if you do the conversion but leave it as powder, no oil (transdermal purposes)?

  4. Steve,

    Unfortunately this will increase the rate of oxidation as the powder will have more surface area than the pellets, giving oxygen more contact with the tren. I think if you mixed the tren with the transdermal formula, it might act to preserve the tren somewhat.

    The expiration on the fina is also probably quite conservative, the army up until recently was throwing away millions of dollars of "expired" drugs every year. They had some old, "expired" drugs tested well after the expiration date and found there to be little to no loss in potency. I suspect this would apply to the finaplix also, so if you go 6 months over the expiration, or even a year I doubt you will lose enough to worry about.


  5. So it comes down to completely removing the tren exposure to air?

    I guess if you dissolved it in Iso Alcohol and sealed it that may work? Kinda like whiskey.

    In fact, I have a bottle I can pull most of the air out of with a hand pump.

    What do you think?

  6. Steve,

    I think you are better off leaving it in powder/pellet form than putting it in alcohol. I know the alcohol will oxidize the binders (methyl cellulose) if left in for more than an hour or so. Maybe BDC or someone can weight in here. I say just store it in a cool dark place, possibly your fridge.

  7. I think if I remember correctly the reason that fina will oxidize (having one of my spelling moments) in alcohol. Alcohol has a replacement of one or more hydrogens for an OH (hydroxyl group).  This g ives the oxygen for the oxidation process to happen.


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