1-AD 1(5-alpha) Androstene 3, 17 diol

  1. 1-AD 1(5-alpha) Androstene 3, 17 diol

    Back in 2004, when I suffered an injury in college, I bought 2 bottles from IDS, FYI on the top of the bottle it says on a sticker (Licensed 1-AD from Ergopharm LPJ Research), anyway I WAS going to take it to help me bounce back but I didn't because I did not know enough about it and I am very conservative, since then I have done some research however most of the stuff is old and actually un-informative.

    As of now I have no plans of taking it, it is also expired as of 10/05, and everyone I ask about gets excited and asks me to give it to them, however the people that have asked me at the gym are unsafe users and don't even do PCT, I try to tell them and they are IDIOTS, unfortunatley there are so many people out there who have no idea what they are doing and are damaging there bodies with improper use! I mean these guys don't even eat right and booze all the time while on gear, ridiculous.

    I was just curious if any experienced takers could chime in and tell me about the gains, sides, PCT requirements etc, basically anything they can. Did they keep gains, what did they stack with like 4-AD etc, if you were going to stack with something now what would it be, did you loose hair because of the unknown conversion to DHT...any info would be fantastic.

    If you are wondering about my experience I am 27, been lifting since teens, tried the old 19-nor tabs that disovled under your tongue in highschool, made amazing gains and lost them all because I was way to young to use and had no PCT and got weaker afterwards, I was ill educated by an older lifter and had no access to the internet yet...If I could turn back time I would have NEVER done that, it was one of the things I regret the most about my lifting experience, he told me it helped my pituitary gland make more hormones naturally, boy was he wrong.

    Since the last year I also low dosed 11-oxo while cutting and had a OTC PCT just to make sure even though it may not have been needed. Now I try become a subject matter expert before I take anything, even including basic supps like BCAA and CLA.

    I am looking to AM to help me gather info, not convince me to take or not to take, please don't rip me because "I should do more research" and "you don't know then don't take" and all that crap that is given to the 16 year olds who ask how to dose Methyls, I want to educated myself, I want to know as much as possible

  2. Anyone, 1-AD info?

  3. why dont you just search for "1-androstenediol"

    then mix up the search with things like "information on 1-andrstenediol" or stacking 1-androstenediol"

    "info on 1-ad" etc. taking the time to search the internet is more comendable than making a thread asking people to do it for you.

  4. I did for the most part and the info was crap, like it converts to 1- test and yada yada, I am looking AM members personal experience, I even tried looking up as much Patrick Arnold stuff as I could but not much luck

    and I used google, and I searched here

  5. well, all I can, will tell you is I have found out how to run it, (though never have) and what to run it with, i haven't due to it costing so much to run. (80$ a bottle). so i know the info is out there.

    you havn't gotten any hits due to others either not knowing, or because they also know it's out there. read some logs.

    i dont know what else to tell you. no one has ever done the work for me, nor would I have the audacity to ask them too.



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