Found some info somebody gave me about PH

  1. Found some info somebody gave me about PH

    I asked somebody a question about PH a while back, just found his response.

    Hey man,

    I'll tell you what I know. I've researched Steroids a tonne (I've used Dianabol as well), and a fair bit with Prohormones. The only ones I will touch is 1AD by Ergropharm. A chap named Patrick Arnold was the driver behind the product. It is short for 1 Androstene-3beta,17beta-diol.

    You'll see some with diol, and some with dione. THe distinction is important. Diol will not aromatize into estrogen, which will all but nullify the chance of getting gynecomastia (bitch tits).

    1AD converts into 1Testosterone, which is very powerful, but not on par with Steroids. A point, Prohormones are essentailly weak steroids, most are very weak. 1AD is again the only one I would out stock in. Many Prohormones are so weak by the time they get into your body, they do jack without huge (unsafe) doses.

    The 1AD I use is in 100mg tabs, bottles of 60 caps. THey recommend 1 to 3 tablets per day. I take 4, 2 at a time. One shot mid-morning, on early afternoon.

    This dose should not shut your system down (IE make your balls shrink). To start, you might want to go with 3 tabs per day, for a month and see how that goes. You'll want to eat a tonne, like 4-5000 caloires per day. I'd say keep your 3 meals, and put 3 shakes in the mix and that should do it. At this point do not be afraid of eating.

    To close, these are safe, 100% safe. If you mega dose, you will basically be on steroids. WIth the diet and these, your strangth and mass WILL go up. ANy other Q's let me know.
    Just from what I've learned since I first asked, this seems like pretty poor advice. Right?

  2. if you re*search* what is here then you shall find the answer to your question.

  3. That was OK advice 2 years ago. There are much better PH options now.
    Some of that info is correct, but he is dead wrong on a few things. All PHs will shut your natural test down, diols can cause gyno, & nothing is 100% safe.

    1Ad will work for mass & strength gains, but if you search you'll find out that & much more for yourself.

  4. haha watch out!!! hes used dianabol!!!

  5. And he likely has veerrry small testicles.

  6. Start with the stickies here, and then if you have something specific to ask, fine.


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