From M1T to Methyl-Dien

  1. From M1T to Methyl-Dien

    I posted this over on Avant, but wanted to put it here too to see what kind of feedback I get.

    I came up with an idea today while deciding how to run my methyl-dien cycle.
    I have a full bottle of M1T that I haven't used yet and one bottle of the beta M-Dien. I want to try M1T, but all the talk of lethargy etc makes me almost want to skip it altogether and just try the m-dien. Here's what I thought of doing. I would run 10mg per day of M1T for 5-7 days, depending on sides, then stop using the M1T. The day after I stop the M1T I would start the M-Dien and run it at 2mg per day (adjust dose if needed) until the 21st day. Then I'd start my PCT. (I would not be overlapping the two at all - I would start the M-Dien the day after I completely stopped M1T - which would either be day 5 or day 7)

    My reasoning is this: the gains seem to come quickly on M1T, so I'm going to try and get a few lbs in that first 5-7 days before switching over to the M-Dien.

    Would this work ok? Do I need to wait a few days before transitioning to the M-Dien? (I think the half-life of M1T is around 8 hrs, so I figured I should be able to transition to the M-Dien pretty quickly)

    Let me know what you guys think. I'd love to hear from Sledge & Prolangtum since you guys have experience w/this stuff.

  2. I will be running something simialr to this in April. i will be using M1T 20mg for 12-14 days and then Mdien for 14 days. I like the idea since from what I've read Mdien is not as androgenic as M1T, I may be wrong on this but that is what I have read. PCT would be 4ht and probably 6oxo, I'm not cray about nolva as it has some negative effects on GH and IGF1 levels from what I hear. Any advice from sledg, chemo or bobo is appreciated.

  3. Initial feedback indicates that M-dien is more androgenic than M1t.

  4. If that proes to be the case I will reverse them

  5. Quote Originally Posted by phil216
    If that proes to be the case I will reverse them
    Why would you reverse them?



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