HELP testadrol cycle???

  1. Question HELP testadrol cycle???

    im 22 been lifting for about 3 years.. run all the nors, sdrol etc. so i just picked up 2 bottles of testadrol50- theres:10mg's of sdrol, 10mg's of m-14AD& 30mgs of tren per says take 1-3 a day. should i run formistain during the for a serm: novldex or clomid? the cycle will last 4-6 weeks .....any help advice or seggustoins for any other on cycle sups or after???? what 2 get for liver support besides milk thistle??

  2. run the formestane near the end of the cycle into PCT. pct can be nolva or clomid or both....whatever u prefer

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