first cutting cycle

  1. first cutting cycle

    just wondering if i could get some advice for a buddy on his first ever AAS cutting cycle.

    he is ~210 lbs, I would say 10 -15% bf and wants to do :
    weeks 1 - 10 - tne transdermal 1gram / week
    weeks 1 - 3 - m-1-t 20mg/ed
    weeks 6-10 - winny 50 mg ed (oral)
    weeks 11 - 14 - nolva 40mg/ed (dropping 10mg every week)

    That works out to be ~400mg of test absorbed / week.

    Any advice would be appreciated, thanks guys

  2. looks decent, although I would recommend 10mg of M1T for a first cutting cycle, I see no need for 20 right off the bat.

    I started at 20mg when M1T came out (did 3 2-week cycles) and loved it, but for my current cutter I dropped it to 10mg and was still very pleased.

  3. thanks for the advice.
    he started out using 10 mg on an m1t standalone bulker and did not get results until he upped it to 20mg.
    anyone else?

  4. bump... anybody have any other opinions on this cycle?

  5. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to add transdermal fina to the mix for the first 6 weeks... something in the neighbourhood of 200mg/day.
    Is this not recommended for a first cycle?
    Also, what would be the expected absorbance percentage using a transdermal carrier that lacks dmso or dmfa?

  6. I've used T-gel with 2 carts of fina and it worked great! it lasted me about 4 weeks which of coursed I used at the end of my last cycle. With 2 carts you get 66mg of Tren Ace in 1 pump, 2 pumps a day is @ 132mg... basically you ar getting 40mg of pure tren Ace a day, not bad at all.


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