blood test question pre and post cycle panel

  1. blood test question pre and post cycle panel

    Is this a legit pre and post cycle panel to get for a ph cycle?

    Male Hormone Testing Panel $149.49 Add To Cart
    Learn more about male hormones

    The Private MD Male Hormone Testing Panel contains the following tests:

    Thyroid Profile w/ TSH Complete Blood Count w/ Differential
    Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA)
    Estradiol Testosterone (Free), Serum With Total
    Lipid Profile Insulin Growth Factor (IGF-1)

  2. anyone

  3. if you have insurance why not just go to your doc and tell him you feel weird, and you want a full blood panel done... worked for me twice, and my copay is 20 for the visit and 30 for the labs.

    I don't know about the do it yourself kits, because I would be afraid that I would screw it up, but if your good try it.

    I do know that I've heard good things about the tests offered by primordial performance, maybe look into them.

    best o luck!

  4. these tests are blood tests that get taken at a lab. you print in the paper work. is this what i shold be getting tested or not?

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