CEL X-Tren... first time

  1. CEL X-Tren... first time

    Alright, so I am going to be trying CEL's X-tren starting tomorrow and I just thought that I would share my results with others. I wasn't planning on doing a traditional log, but more of a here is what I started with, and then give results and a summary of the experience when I finish.
    First a little background information, I've been lifting for 6 years with a starting weight of 145 and a max of 210; I now weigh 195. I am currently deployed in Afghanistan so it is a pain to get a lot of supplements, and eating is what I can, when I can, so I will give an estimated daily calorie/protein intake when I finish.

    My beginning measurements:
    Biceps - 17.5
    Chest - 47.5
    Shoulders - 53.5
    Waist - 36
    Thighs - 23

    Now on to my cycle:
    CEL X-Tren 3/3/3/3 and possibly 4/4
    *with this being my first cycle I want to see how it goes
    Cycle Assist

    PCT Assist
    Liver Assist
    Inhibit-E 3/2/2/1 or 3/3/2/2/1/1
    Reduce XT 0/0/2/2 or 0/0/2/2/2/2
    HyperTest 0/0/6/6 or 0/0/6/6/6/6

    Now given as how this is my first cycle I am open to any suggestions or advice from any more experienced or knowledgable posters. I have done quite a bit of research before deciding that this would be the way to go, but, everyone has an opinion and it's always nice to hear others.

    Hopefully, someone will get some use out of this.

  2. what was the end result? can you post?

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