Puffy nips: gyno vs fat

  1. Puffy nips: gyno vs fat

    In Easter time I did a Hdrol cycle and oddly I felt very aware of my nipples being puffy/sensitive. I stopped and went into PCT (Reversitol + lean fx) and the sensitivity faded.

    However, ever since then I'm sure I have had fairly puffy nips (but not sure if I had them before)

    Seeing as how ~8 months has passed, no lumps have appeared nor any discharge does this sound like gyno?

    I'm am running lean xtreme and topically applying eviscerate on my nipples (1 week in... slight difference in abs but not nipps).

    I was reading an OTC thread where a user was trying ATD as an AI to treat his gyno (although he could feel lumps). Would this, or stoked (apparently oestrogen inhibiting properties) be of any benefit?

    Thanks guys

  2. bump for help

  3. update - no change in my nipple puffiness so far on the lean xtreme + eviscerate

    I'd still really welcome some opinions on whether to run an AI eg ATD or 6br (I have both) if it sounds like gyno

  4. Hdrol is not known for giving gyno as it is one of the most mild PHs on the market. I had soreness in my nipples also and it passed in a day or two. Another friend of my also had the issue and his passed as well. I honestly do not think it is gyno. If it is scaring you just get some Nolva or Clomid and see if that helps.

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