does "cycle assist" give you better results? plz help

  1. does "cycle assist" give you better results? plz help

    does "cycle assist" give you better results? as far as muscle gains? and when should i take it?

    plz help

  2. Not really it more or less just supports your body's functioning, and protects it from some of the damage of a PH/DS.

  3. ahh ok thanks for the help!

  4. if anything, it will lessen the gains a bit.

    only reason i'd use support sups on cycle was if I was using like 100+mg of a-50 each day, or something like halotestin. maybe. depends on how i felt on cycle.
    if you are healthy, I dont think it's needed until post cycle.

  5. gotchya, im pretty healthy, so would i take both cycle assist and pct assist? post cycle?

  6. can't hurt and its not expensive, compared to a liver transplant or heart surgery when you're 45. i figure why not?

    I noticed NO reduction in my gains anyway also.


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