Trenadrol M-drol stack?

  1. Trenadrol M-drol stack?

    Trenadrol 90mgs ED 6weeks

    M-Drol 20/20/20/20 Last 4 weeks of Tren cycle

    Proper liver and blood pressure supps during cycle, and then proper PCT after cycle. This will not be my first.


  2. Ive thought about running the same kind of stack. Hmm. Curious to see how it would turn out

  3. You would get better results from the Tren if you bridged it with the M-Drol. I would add the Tren in the last week of the M-Drol...

  4. Or even make it 20/20/20 90/20 90/90/90

    That may yield great results...

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