Halotest 25 Dosage

  1. Halotest 25 Dosage

    hello peps of AM!! just started my first cycle of halotest 25.(first PH Cycle) im on my 3rd day, i've been reading that halotest dosage should be bump up to 75 a day on the second or 3rd week? can anybody advise me on this.
    listed below are thw only supplements i use please let me know if i need to add something.

    Halotest 25
    Powerlabs's PCT (after cycle)
    and ofcoures Protein.

  2. Anyone?

  3. I would bump it up to 75 Unless you feel any sides. I had zero issues when I ran it. Since it is your first cycle just keep an eye on everything to be safe.

  4. Agreed, 75 seems to be what most people find the gains they want with- some go up to 100 i've seen. Seeing as its your first go up to 75 on the 2nd or 3rd week- depending on how your gains are going (don't increase dose if gains are good ya know)

    Best of luck to you man ask if you have more questions

  5. thank you very much to everyone that answered my question i will up the dose on my second week. and about the question on other supplement, should i be taking something else for maximum gains.

  6. thank you very much for answering my my question, i will up the dose on my second week. and about the question on other supplement, should i add anything to my supplements?
    Halotest 25
    Powerlabs's PCT (after cycle)
    and of coures Protein.

  7. Your pct could use more imo

  8. milk thistle crannberry extract

  9. i wouldnt take cell mass with the ph it could be to much for your liver also you need to get milk thistle and crannberry extract and if your bumping it up i would reccomend hawthorne berry for blood pressure and maybe some thurine for side affect control....im running halotest25 also im on my 5th day.i wont be using hawthorne berry or thurine but thats because i know my body and how it reacts...if this is your first time taking a ph like halotest25 i would get the milk thistle and crannberry.the other stuff really isnt needed but its always good to be a step ahead best a luck (=

  10. How did the Powerlab PCT and Powerlab Cycle support work for you??

  11. I'm up to 150mg of Halo on my final week of a SD /Halo bridge. I went SD 20/20/20/0/0/0 and Halo 0/50/50/100/100/150.
    It has been a great ride. Sick pumps and huge strength gains. Rock hard muscle without a ton of weight gain. The gains are the best this week by far. I wish I new if it is the higher dose or the duration of the cycle. I will surely have blood work done after this one.
    I firmly believe in serm-based pct. Blood always proves it. You should look into a serm.


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